About Us

S.P.C.A of the Kenai Peninsula, Inc. offers pet care as well as search and rescue services throughout the state of Alaska. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that's been operating for more than 15 years, We welcome all types of animals, whether wild or domestic. For more than five years, we have also been helping authorities look for children and elderly people. Because of our hard work and dedication, our company has received recognition from former Alaska governor, Sean Parnell. Also we received a letter of Commitment and Recognition from the AST Lt. Bartolini to Governor Sean Parnell. Gov. Parnell was/is a great man and a wonderful Governor.

We have been utilizing Foster Homes all these years and the animals usually wind up in their Forever Home(s). Each SPCA is its own entity. We may work with each other but we are not affiliated with other. And there is no umbrella.

Please Donate. Help Us to Help Them. All proceeds go to help the animals.

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